Monday, April 18


Next 27th April at 18.00 a ceremony will be held to give participants in different contests diplomas and prizes. 

Laura Romero Pérez (2ºA), Aurora del Pino Gallardo (4ºA) and Ángel Sarmiento Burgos (2ºE Bachillerato) will receive prizes and diplomas as winners of the 2016 bookmark contest. 

Eva Gil Medina (2ºA) and Laura Arcas Sánchez (3ºA) will be gifted with diplomas and prizes, since they have been the best ones in the writers contests. 

Desirée Pérez Domínguez (2ºA), Laura Sánchez Martín (3ºA), Alejandro Sandonís Ruiz (4ºA), Jesús Carbonero Raya (2ºA), Irene Artacho Sánchez (2ºA), Marina Jiménez Arjona (2ºA), Laura Romero Pérez (2ºA) and Andrea Solís Díaz (3ºA) will be recognized their effort with a diploma. 

During the ceremony other students will be awarded for their participation in other contests organized by our school library. Poems in different languages will be read during it.

Friday, April 15

Bookmarks Contest 2016

We are really proud of you. We have received really beautiful pieces of art this year. We are surprised by the outstanding level of many of them. It is been tough to decide about the winners, but after hard deliberation here it is the result...

1st Cycle
Laura Romero Pérez (2ºA ESO)

2nd Cycle 
Aurora del Pino Gallardo (4ºA ESO)

Ángel Sarmiento Burgos (2ºE Bachillerato ESO)

CONGRATULATIONS! Awards and diplomas will be handed in a ceremony next Wednesday 27th April at 18.00. 

Saturday, April 9


Congratulations to Eva Medina (2A), our winner this month (Susan Lillian).

We sadly announce that due to the lack of participation, this will be the last contest for 2015-16 school year. Diplomas and prizes will be handed in a ceremony next Wednesday 27th April at 18.00.

Thanks a lot to all the participants for their effort.